Our Circles of Hope project is progressing

Things in Nepal take a very long time! Our Circles of Hope project which has been a work in progress since February 2018 is progressing! Saguna, our Fistula Project Manager has signed the licencing agreement with Days for Girls to set up an Enterprise operating out of NHEDF’s Shelter. All we are waiting for now is a date for Enterprise training!

Look what NHEDF has got!

Roads to Rehab Nepal is extremely lucky because we have the support of the most fantastic physiotherapy practices in Canberra! Not only are they wonderful physios, but they are an outstandingly generous group of people,  being Gold sponsors of Anjeela, NHEDF’s physiotherapist. They are also full of wonderful people like Therese, one of our Management Committee Members, and Kristine, Danielle and Ale who decided to ask for donations for their 40th birthdays instead of presents. In total $1203 was raised so NHEDF went Christmas shopping! The supplier below must have thought all his Christmasses had come at once too!

The Shelter now has a physio room with an ultrasound machine and gel, a hand gripper, gel balls, four pick-up walkers, a muscle stimulator and a quadriceps table, along with lots of other bits and pieces. Thank you so much Southside Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre  http://www.southsidephysio.com.au/and Woden Integrated Physiotherapy http://www.wodenintegrated.com.au/

The team in Nepal and all their patients are very grateful and Anjeela also thinks all her Chrismasses have come at once too!

Read Parbati’s story…

Parbati comes from a very poor family. She has two older sisters and is being cared for at NHEDF by her father. At the end of last year she was herding the family goats and was caught in a landslide, hit by a tree and swept into a river. She was pulled out by villagers and had multiple fractures to both her legs. Her family was unable to afford medical treatment for her, however people from her village helped financially and she was sent to Kathmandu where she had surgery and external fixators applied. She needs nursing care for wound management of the external fixators as well as regular physiotherapy to decrease muscle wasting and after the Dashein festival she will be having bone grafts. She has been at NHEDF for so long she has become like a sister to the nurses. Good luck Parbati – we hope you will be better soon! Happy Dashain!