Why Nepal needs NHEDF by Karna Bahadur Dangi

According to me, NHEDF is a human oriented organization working for the welfare of the people in need at all times. In an underdeveloped country like ours, I’ve seen a lot of organization promising to provide services to people and working for the betterment of the society but if you look closely you’ll realize that they are not fully working for the cause but NEDEF is different.

There are people from all socio-economic backgrounds in Nepal, but NHEDF focuses on providing services to people with poor economic background. I’ve seen situations where people had to sell all the property that they once owned for their own or their loved ones medical treatment. On top of the expensive medical treatments there are other expenses to be taken care of like the food and accommodation expenses. NHEDF on the other hand has been supporting such people with food, accommodation and medical facilities for more than 3 years. This organization has been helping the poor people from underdeveloped places of Nepal ever since.

I myself am an earthquake victim and for me to pay for my treatment along with the food and accommodation charges in Kathmandu would be impossible. But, NHEDF it taking care of all my expenses since 26 months due to which I don’t have any credit till date.

I hope that NHEDF will keep up with their good work and support those who cannot afford good treatment and go for their follow ups from time to time. Please support the work of this organisation. Thank you.