We welcome all kinds of support not just financial – guess what NHEDF is getting soon….


We welcome all sorts of support not just financial! A huge thank you to the Mission Sewing Group for donating hundreds of woollen beanies featured on the head of this gorgeous model! The first 10kg bag will make their way to Nepal tonight and the remainder next month. Mission Sewing Group made us heaps earlier in the year and our Trustee, Virginia, took them over with her in March. Samrat, NHEDF’s Director gave each patient one, then the remainder went to a local shop who sold them on NHEDF’s behalf and raised $250 and some also went to an ex-patient to help her start a small business. The same will happen this time – Samrat will distribute them according to need. Thank you so much Mission Sewing Group – your generosity is much appreciated and kept many heads nice and warm!