This is what it means to be disabled in Nepal

In Nepal, being disabled is like a curse from a previous life, because many people think that you must have done something really bad in your past life and because of that, you have either been born disabled, or become disabled, as you travel down the road that constitutes your life.

For young people experiencing disability, few of them will be able to find a partner. Occasionally women find husbands who are also disabled, or men have wives who leave them when they become disabled and vice versa.  Most of the time, however,  the harsh reality of disability in Nepal means you are on your own, and if you have no family to take care of you, you are also banished to a life of poverty.

Sometimes we get asked why NHEDF tries so hard to save a limb, but it is not just a limb, it is a life.

Keep this in mind when you read our patient stories, because every time NHEDF prevents someone from enduring significant disability, they change the future for someone who could otherwise be banished to a life of loneliness, isolation and poverty.