Samrat is NHEDF’s Director…here is his report

We set up NHEDF’s Shelter almost three years ago and in that time we have changed the lives of 600 people. Starting from scratch and building up to the proper rehab facility we have now has been tough for us, but with the hope and support from many people, we have built up our facility, and are able to continue our journey.

We’d like to thank the many individuals and organizations who have motivated us and helped us to keep moving forward.

We are not only trying to change lives but save lives and also trying to save families. Sometimes, unwillingly, a family has to neglect their injured loved ones due to poverty. They may be unable to provide care because they have to work, or they simply cannot afford medical treatment. Sometimes people are even left to die. No one wants this. Our mission is to save that life. Our patients come from the remote villages to the busy city of Kathmandu, where they don’t know anyone and are unfamiliar with the way of life. We are there with them every step of the way.

We cry with our patients as well as celebrate their happy moments. We share their problems and we share ours. We don’t have all the facilities of a proper medical rehabilitation centre, but we have the heart to help. We’ve learned never to give up even in hard times, and we hold our patients’ hands and encourage them to fight. There are times when we are tired and despondent, but we never give up. There are no other organizations doing what we are doing in Nepal and we will continue to find a way to keep doing what we are doing with your help and support. All of us at NHEDF and our past and present patients are incredibly thankful for all we’ve received thus far…. Thank you.