Read about Kusum’s exciting news!

Kusum has some happy news! She was awarded a 50% scholarship from Tribhuvan University to do her three-year Bachelor of Nursing Science and so far it is going well. In Nepal you do your three year Staff Nurse (PCL) training first, then need at least one years work experience following registration with the Nepal Nursing Council, and then you can apply for your ‘Bachelors’. It is very expensive. Even with a 50% scholarship she still has to pay US$ 4000 for tuition fees. She was so happy because for the scholarship the students have to go through an entrance exam and have to score the best marks and she did.

Kusum is still working at NHEDF whilst she is studying, and she says ‘that working with the NHEDF team has been fantastic since my first day. Due to my schedule now with study it has been a bit difficult for me with work and study but my plans are to have best experience and graduate in the nursing field with a Bachelors.’

Congratulations Kusum!