If you think we have to wait a long time to see a doctor in our hospitals, read this and you might feel better!

Samrat, NHEDF’s Director reports “Waiting hours in front of hospital out-patient’s department (OPD) has become part of our lives. The frustrating part is, you are never sure if you will get a chance to meet your doctor or not. The funny part is even the staff of that department do not know whether that doctor is coming or not but we are asked to wait till 12 pm anyway. If the doctor does not turn up then we have to come another day, maybe a week later

Is this how a hospital should be managed? We know doctors also have their personal lives to live and can take a day off but is it fair to ask your patient to keep on waiting for such a long time? For many of us life is like a time bomb which can take your life anytime. Every second counts,  but who cares when life is so cheap in Nepal?”