Have a look and see what Manis is getting!

Manis had a left femoral artery aneurysm which resulted in the loss of the blood supply to his leg. He required a left above knee amputation. Two weeks post-surgery a he was sent back to his village. His wound got infected, so he returned to hospital and was there for 3 months before being referred to NHEDF for ongoing wound management of both a groin incision and a difficult stump wound, as well as physiotherapy.

Finally, his wounds are now healed and he has had a prosthesis fitted and when this is finally made he will be able to return home to the remote village of Baitadi in western Nepal. He is really excited!

Anjeela, NHEDF’s physio is a legend at stump bandages! Improper stump bandaging can cause irreversible damage whilst proper stump bandaging results in shrinking and shaping the stump and is a major key to successful prosthetic fitting.