See what Anjeela, NHEDF’s physio has been up to!

Anjeela, NHEDF’s physio was very much looking forward to a visit from a German physiotherapist, Susanne Friedrich, who was spending a week at NHEDF. She works with two main techniques to treat patients with neurological problems; the Vojta technique to stimulate natural patterns of movement and the Bobath approach to promote motor learning. Her aim is to contribute her knowledge and experience to support and improve patient rehabilitation outcomes. She learned so much…. Thank you Susanne!

Have a look and see what Manis is getting!

Manis had a left femoral artery aneurysm which resulted in the loss of the blood supply to his leg. He required a left above knee amputation. Two weeks post-surgery a he was sent back to his village. His wound got infected, so he returned to hospital and was there for 3 months before being referred to NHEDF for ongoing wound management of both a groin incision and a difficult stump wound, as well as physiotherapy.

Finally, his wounds are now healed and he has had a prosthesis fitted and when this is finally made he will be able to return home to the remote village of Baitadi in western Nepal. He is really excited!

Anjeela, NHEDF’s physio is a legend at stump bandages! Improper stump bandaging can cause irreversible damage whilst proper stump bandaging results in shrinking and shaping the stump and is a major key to successful prosthetic fitting.

Look what NHEDF has got!

Roads to Rehab Nepal is extremely lucky because we have the support of the most fantastic physiotherapy practices in Canberra! Not only are they wonderful physios, but they are an outstandingly generous group of people,  being Gold sponsors of Anjeela, NHEDF’s physiotherapist. They are also full of wonderful people like Therese, one of our Management Committee Members, and Kristine, Danielle and Ale who decided to ask for donations for their 40th birthdays instead of presents. In total $1203 was raised so NHEDF went Christmas shopping! The supplier below must have thought all his Christmasses had come at once too!

The Shelter now has a physio room with an ultrasound machine and gel, a hand gripper, gel balls, four pick-up walkers, a muscle stimulator and a quadriceps table, along with lots of other bits and pieces. Thank you so much Southside Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre Woden Integrated Physiotherapy

The team in Nepal and all their patients are very grateful and Anjeela also thinks all her Chrismasses have come at once too!

Merry Christmas to all those wonderfully generous people who contribute to our nurse and physiotherapist sponsor programs!

Merry Christmas to all our sponsors! You great hearted people have encouraged and supported us and enabled us to fulfil our wish to serve our country’s people in need. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing wages for us. You have made everything possible for us and of course for our patients and without your help we could not do our work. Thank you so much for motivating, supporting and uplifting us. To all those sponsors, you all have such big hearts. The three of us are very thankful to you for your kind support to us and the NHEDF family.

We wish you a very Happy Christmas to you and your families and happy new year.

Namaste from Anjeela, Kusum and Kunga.

Read about NHEDF’s physio’s role!

Anjeela is NHEDF’s physio and started work at NHEDF in September, 2015.

Her job is multi-dimensional. She works with patients to improve their balance and gait. She fits slings and splints, measures for prostheses and provides advice on mobility. She provides education to patients and carers so that physio techniques and exercises can be performed after discharge and she helps with discharge planning. She develops individualised exercise programs for her patients to recover their mobility, maximise their independence and prevent stiffness and contractures. As you can imagine Anjeela is very busy!

Anjeela thinks she has a hard job and much to the hilarity of the nurses, she “thinks that nursing would be easier”! She loves everything about her job. She is currently working flexible hours but there is a long-term plan for her to set up a physio treatment room at the Shelter, so that she can also “treat patients from the surrounding region where there is a great need”. NHEDF currently has one patient who is coming for physio as an out-patient but they are hoping that this service will increase. Anjeela explained that “a physiotherapy consultation in Nepal costs the equivalent of AU$7.50 which is out of reach for the majority of Nepalese people. Even within the hospitals there are no free physiotherapy services and patients have to pay. Many people go without the physiotherapy they need to restore function because they cannot afford it, and this leads to huge increases in disability in Nepal”.

A huge thank you to Anjeela’s sponsors for enabling NHEDF to employ her!