Read about Kusum’s exciting news!

Kusum has some happy news! She was awarded a 50% scholarship from Tribhuvan University to do her three-year Bachelor of Nursing Science and so far it is going well. In Nepal you do your three year Staff Nurse (PCL) training first, then need at least one years work experience following registration with the Nepal Nursing Council, and then you can apply for your ‘Bachelors’. It is very expensive. Even with a 50% scholarship she still has to pay US$ 4000 for tuition fees. She was so happy because for the scholarship the students have to go through an entrance exam and have to score the best marks and she did.

Kusum is still working at NHEDF whilst she is studying, and she says ‘that working with the NHEDF team has been fantastic since my first day. Due to my schedule now with study it has been a bit difficult for me with work and study but my plans are to have best experience and graduate in the nursing field with a Bachelors.’

Congratulations Kusum!

Read about how NHEDF’s nurses feel about their work….

NHEDF’s Shelter is a place where patients can stay for a very long time! One of their patients has been there for over 2 years! NHEDF’s nurses become like family and Kusum and Kunga have commented on how “our patients share their different personal problems and we, by listening to them, forget our own problems, because our problems are nothing compared to theirs. We try hard to help them solve their problems whether it is through giving psychological support, physical support, some small financial support, encouragement or advice.”

NHEDF is very lucky to have such wonderful people working for them!

There is a saying which, as nurses, we are often reminded of,  which goes “People will forget what you said; people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Thank you Kusum and Kunga for making a difference…

Merry Christmas to all those wonderfully generous people who contribute to our nurse and physiotherapist sponsor programs!

Merry Christmas to all our sponsors! You great hearted people have encouraged and supported us and enabled us to fulfil our wish to serve our country’s people in need. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing wages for us. You have made everything possible for us and of course for our patients and without your help we could not do our work. Thank you so much for motivating, supporting and uplifting us. To all those sponsors, you all have such big hearts. The three of us are very thankful to you for your kind support to us and the NHEDF family.

We wish you a very Happy Christmas to you and your families and happy new year.

Namaste from Anjeela, Kusum and Kunga.

Read about how NHEDF’s nurses feel about work!

NHEDF’s two permanent nurses do a wonderful job. Thanks to the generosity of our nurse sponsors they have a contract at NHEDF and Kunga feels that being able to ‘serve and work at NHEDF is a golden chance’ for her. It has given her the opportunity to work hard and challenge herself because ‘every situation is different, and every patient is so different’. In addition to this, she reported that working within NHEDF ‘is like being within a family and supporting each other. She feels very ‘blessed and thankful to be part of NHEDF’.

Likewise, Kusum says “I am working very hard at NHEDF. Nursing is a hard and difficult job, but I love my work because the staff and patients and relatives are very cooperative. Everyone has become our friends and it is very nice working in this environment. It makes me happy. You really get to know the patients as they are there for so long, and they become like your family. At NHEDF we have very good relationships with the other staff and patients because we spend so much time together. I love my job and I love being at NHEDF”.