Bring Christmas to NHEDF – NHEDF’s letter to Santa

Group of patients at NHEDF saying 'Namaste'

Dear Santa,

We are very a small organization working with an Australian organisation called Roads to Rehab Nepal. Between us we work to improve health outcomes for people who have life-changing injuries and cannot access medical care because they are poor.

We are writing this letter to let you know that despite our hard work this year, things often do not go smoothly, and our work remains a challenge. It is sometimes difficult for us to meet all our financial obligations and provide everything our patients need because there are so many patients that depend on us and our funding is very stretched.

NHEDF is writing this letter in the hope that you can send some angels or elves to help! Our rent is a very big commitment so please share this letter with your elves, and ask them to share it with everyone they know because what we need does not come easily – We need our own land where we can build our dream Shelter and a magical way to fund all its ongoing costs….

Everyone at NHEDF has been very good this year and has worked so hard for those that depend on us and we are so grateful for any support. If we cannot have land and a Shelter of our own, as much support as you and your elves can organize for us would be very, very, very much appreciated and we promise to continue all our amazing hard work.

If you or your elves would like to make a donation please do this via our website

Thank you, Santa!

With best regards,