Read why hospital bills in Nepal are driving people even deeper into poverty…

As regular readers to our website know, medical care is not free in Nepal. We have been shocked at the amount of money some of NHEDF’s patient’s families have had to pay for medical care. Nepal ranks as the 19th poorest country in the world and according to the World Bank is one of the least developed. Huge hospital bills start with the ambulance driver who get up to $200 commission (or a percentage of the hospital stay) for bringing a patient to a particular hospital. A visit to ICU can cost $375 a day (including discounts!) One of the patients at the Shelter had 50 days in ICU ! ($18, 750!)

Read these articles to begin to understand how some of NHEDF’s patients have medical bills that run into upwards of $30,000 and yet they have no hope of ever paying them back:,1423

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