Donate Now & How You Can Help

We welcome all donations, no matter how small (or large!) and a little bit of money goes a long way in Nepal! The simplest way to help is often the most effective and every donation has the power to make a real impact. Explore our website and see for yourself!ACNC logo

Please note that whilst we are an Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission registered charity, we do not have tax deductible status in Australia – this is something completely different – but please give generously as our administration costs are minimal. During the year 2017 – 2018 99.19% of donations went directly to our projects and we believe this more than compensates!


  1. First decide which project you would like to support – many people choose both!
  2. Choose whether to pay by credit card  via our secure Chuffed fundraising page or via EFT into our Australian bank account.
  3. Just to let you know, we welcome regular fortnightly/monthly/quarterly payments as these help our planning and budgeting!

To make a donation by credit card please click on the following link which will take you to our NHEDF project fundraising page or our Fistula project fundraising page on the secure Chuffed website.  A receipt will be sent by who manage the page and you will also receive a thank you from us.

Alternatively to donate directly into our bank account in Australia, or set up a regular payment schedule (which by the way we absolutely love because it helps us budget better!) please use the banking details below. Send us an email too so we can thank you and send you your receipt. 

Our banking details are:

  • Bank: St George
  • BSB: 112-879
  • Account name: Roads to Rehab – Nepal
  • Account Number for our NHEDF project: 477-264-775
  • Account number for our Fistula project:440-750-391 

If you get the accounts muddled up don’t stress! Just email us and let us know which account you would like the funds to be used for we can sort it out at our end. 

You can also contribute to the wages of our Nurses and Physio through our Nurse and Physiotherapist Sponsorship program which raises money to pay the salaries of these essential members of NHEDF’s team. Whilst the donation of any amount of funds is possible we have four different levels of support:

  • PLATINUM – $1000 a year ($80 a month or $40 a fortnight)
  • GOLD – $500 a year ($40 a month or $20 a fortnight)
  • SILVER – $250 a year ($20 a month or $10 a fortnight)
  • BRONZE – $100 a year ($10 per month or $5 a fortnight)

Nurse or Physio sponsorship payments can be made annually, monthly or fortnightly either directly into our bank account or through our fundraising page by credit card. 100% of what you donate will go to pay the wages and any other associated costs such as professional development of your sponsored staff member.

Please contact us if you wish to become a sponsor and let us know whether you want to support a nurse or a physiotherapist and the level of sponsorship which you have chosen.

Thank you for your wonderful generosity….

If you don’t want to make  a donation, there are other ways you can help… 

Are you visiting Nepal and have some spare kilos in your luggage allowance?

Contact us – we often need things taken to Nepal and we can give you ideas, for example you could ask around to see if anyone has any old sheets, towels and small size adult or children’s clothing. Start a collection. NHEDF’s Shelter could really use any pre-loved unwanted items as above and if you do not fancy visiting, Samrat will arrange for it to be collected from your hotel. 

Want to see a different side to Nepal?
In return for a donation you are welcome to arrange a visit to NHEDF’s Shelter, just let us know and we will put you in touch with Samrat.

Need a trekking agency for either short trips around the Kathmandu Valley or further afield? Souvenir Treks http://www.souvenirtrek.comis supporting NHEDF’s Shelter!

Finished trekking? Have medications you no longer need?
Contact NHEDF and they will take them off your hands!

Do you have a business? Supporting businesses who choose to be a gold or platinum sponsor receive the right to have their logo on our website for as long as they are a current donor.

Want to help us with the practical aspects of running a not-for-profit organisation? You may have skills we lack; Can you do a job we can’t? Can you help us do what we are doing better? We would love to hear from you!