Circles of Hope

We are working with the internationally renowned and respected organisation Days for Girls to set up a Days for Girls Enterprise called Circles of Hope to provide menstrual kits, sanitary pads and incontinence products to all our patients. Washable, reusable incontinence products will provide a solution for women living with fistula.

Our Circles of Hope project revolves around helping both NHEDF and Fistula patients earn an income. Many NHEDF patients are unable to return to their pre-injury/illness work due to their disability and many fistula patients are unable to work at all.

This is a work in progress as this initiative, like all our work, is dependent on funding, but we are slowly getting there. Three staff members have now attended Days for Girls Ambassador of Women’s Health training at the DfG offices in Kathmandu and we are hopeful Enterprise training for our Fistula Project Manager, Saguna, is not too far away.