Sita was NHEDF’s first fistula patient.

Sita comes from the district of Ramechhap which is southeast of Kathmandu about half way between Kathmandu and Dharan. She has been living with a fistula for 21 years. As a consequence of her fistula, she  experienced total neglect and rejection from her family having been thrown out of home many years ago. She took her son to Kathmandu, lived on the streets and survived by selling goods on the footpath. Her son is now grown up and has been able to get work in Saudi Arabia. His income there is very small and so far he has not as yet been able to send any money home to his mother.

With the help of Fistula Free Nepal, Sita recently had her fistula operated on. She has nowhere to live but a “pidi” which is a Nepalese term for “outside the house”. She had an open wound and in May 2018 was admitted to NHEDF for wound care. Two weeks later she was discharged, having been offered the opportunity to later join a team of NHEDF patients who will work for a Days for Girls Enterprise we are facilitating called Circle of Hope. Unfortunately for Sita, surgery was not successful. NHEDF has provided her with incontinence products which she has never been able to afford. Sita knows she can contact NHEDF or Fistula Free Nepal if she would ever like to work for Circle of Hope or if she ever needs medical care again.

Look who Samrat met today

Since her visit to Nepal in February, our founding Trustee Virginia, has been working very hard to find ways of working with the internationally renowned organisation Days for Girls and sourcing and providing waterproof incontinence products for fistula affected women as well as training some staff from both our project partners to become DfG Ambassadors of Women’s Health.

This idea could also involve supporting the establishment of a DfG Enterprise operating out of NHEDF’s Shelter and also in Dharan which will provide these women with menstrual and incontinence products (most women in Nepal simply use rags which are not waterproof) and deliver community education about menstruation and women’s health issues. Disposable incontinence products cost the equivalent of three days wages for the average Nepali for a packet of ten!

This all looked so easy lfrom the website but like so many things, everything often happens differently in Nepal to anywhere else, so just like a road to rehabilitation, the path to a DfG Enterprise is proving to also be a lengthy road indeed!

Yesterday Samrat and our possible Enterprise candidate, Sunam, visited Days for Girls in Kathmandu and were lucky enough to meet not only the Asia coordinator but the actual founder of DfG who just happened to be there from USA! Days for Girls was set up by CEO Celeste Mergens in 2008.

Virginia is hoping this is an auspicious occasion!  DfG Enterprises could also provide an income for both our NHEDF patients who need alternative means of employment as they are often unable to work in their pre-injury employment and fistula affected women who are often living in abject poverty.

Watch this space!

Happy first birthday Roads to Rehab Nepal and merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!

Today we are twelve months old and we are celebrating!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful support and also wish you, your friends and families, a very merry Christmas and safe and happy new year!

Over the last twelve months we have raised $20,466 which we think is pretty amazing.  Your generosity has directly changed the lives of 41 people who would have been otherwise condemned to a life time of disability and all that that entails in Nepal.  We think that is even more amazing….

Occasionally NHEDF has patients that cannot be cured. One person this year passed away, and another is not making the progress that was hoped for, but they received and continue to receive compassionate care, support and understanding and travel their road with the dignity they deserve.

The outstanding generosity of our donors and sponsors means that Anjeela, Kusum and Kunga‘s wages are now fully funded. This does not however mean we don’t need any more donations! There are so many more things that we can do to improve health outcomes for people at NHEDF’s Shelter who previously had no one else to turn to and nowhere else to go.

Next year, our fistula program will be further developed, and we will help NHEDF with surgical and medical costs as well as continuing to help with wages, so we are excited to have two projects to support in 2018.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our supporters and all those wonderful people in Nepal who support NHEDF in the various ways that they do, a merry Christmas and a peaceful, healthy and happy 2018.

We look forward to an even better bigger second year, and know, with your generosity, we can continue to achieve amazing things. Roads to rehabilitation are often long and difficult, and we hope you will continue to share this journey with us.

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With best wishes and grateful thanks from everyone at NHEDF and Roads to Rehab Nepal.

Virginia Dixon.


Read about Fistula Free Nepal

Fistula Free Nepal is an organisation which provides surgical intervention, Fistula Free Nepal focuses on prevention, screening, education, training, research, advocacy and raising public awareness of obstetric fistula. It also facilitates the rehabilitation and reintegration of fistula affected women for whom life changing fistula surgery has been either unsuccessful or not possible. Fistula Free Nepal however have no formal funding for this aspect of their work and this is where we have been asked to help.

Your donation will be directed to Fistula Free Nepal and be used to facilitate an individualised road to rehabilitation for women whose fistula injury cannot be fixed.

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