Read about Samrat’s challenges

NHEDF’s Director, Samrat, continues to do an amazing job. He did confess that “Sometimes a patient really touches you and I felt it was my responsibility to complete their treatment even though it cost $1500. It brought a huge burden to me, but the change in this patient’s life and smile in his face when he saw me after his treatment was worth it, and this brought tears into my eyes. I can see and feel the confidence and happiness he gained through his eyes. I will never forget that moment in my life and internally this makes me feel like this is the reason why I was born in this world.

The last three months, as well as looking after all our patients, we have been organising prosthetic limbs for three of our patients and welcomed two visitors from Australia, one of whom bought ten kg of hand-made woollen hats given to Roads to Rehab Nepal. Thank you, Mission Sewing Group! These have gone to a local shop called ‘Babies Day Out’ who are selling them to raise money for us.

In August I was also honoured to participate and be a part of the first National Review and Planning Workshop on Disability. I am really blessed to have Roads to Rehab Nepal as a partner organization. Thank you to everyone who supports us in so many ways. We could not do it without so many good people who surround us.

Read about NHEDF’s physio’s role!

Anjeela is NHEDF’s physio and started work at NHEDF in September, 2015.

Her job is multi-dimensional. She works with patients to improve their balance and gait. She fits slings and splints, measures for prostheses and provides advice on mobility. She provides education to patients and carers so that physio techniques and exercises can be performed after discharge and she helps with discharge planning. She develops individualised exercise programs for her patients to recover their mobility, maximise their independence and prevent stiffness and contractures. As you can imagine Anjeela is very busy!

Anjeela thinks she has a hard job and much to the hilarity of the nurses, she “thinks that nursing would be easier”! She loves everything about her job. She is currently working flexible hours but there is a long-term plan for her to set up a physio treatment room at the Shelter, so that she can also “treat patients from the surrounding region where there is a great need”. NHEDF currently has one patient who is coming for physio as an out-patient but they are hoping that this service will increase. Anjeela explained that “a physiotherapy consultation in Nepal costs the equivalent of AU$7.50 which is out of reach for the majority of Nepalese people. Even within the hospitals there are no free physiotherapy services and patients have to pay. Many people go without the physiotherapy they need to restore function because they cannot afford it, and this leads to huge increases in disability in Nepal”.

A huge thank you to Anjeela’s sponsors for enabling NHEDF to employ her!

Read about how NHEDF’s nurses feel about work!

NHEDF’s two permanent nurses do a wonderful job. Thanks to the generosity of our nurse sponsors they have a contract at NHEDF and Kunga feels that being able to ‘serve and work at NHEDF is a golden chance’ for her. It has given her the opportunity to work hard and challenge herself because ‘every situation is different, and every patient is so different’. In addition to this, she reported that working within NHEDF ‘is like being within a family and supporting each other. She feels very ‘blessed and thankful to be part of NHEDF’.

Likewise, Kusum says “I am working very hard at NHEDF. Nursing is a hard and difficult job, but I love my work because the staff and patients and relatives are very cooperative. Everyone has become our friends and it is very nice working in this environment. It makes me happy. You really get to know the patients as they are there for so long, and they become like your family. At NHEDF we have very good relationships with the other staff and patients because we spend so much time together. I love my job and I love being at NHEDF”.

Want to learn Nepalese?

Our founding Trustee Virginia has written this language book which is for sale for $10 on Amazon. If you would like to learn Nepalese without having to read or write the script this is the book for you! It started as a big bunch of notes and was eventually organised into this. Better still, 50% of the proceeds go to the two people over many treks who patiently taught me my vocabulary and three different charities which include the Australian Himalayan Foundation, Classrooms in the Clouds and now Roads to Rehab Nepal as Langtang Valley Health Australia, Virginia’s previous charity no longer exists after everything  this charity supported was destroyed in the earthquake. To read the reviews and/or purchase a copy click here