Patient stories – imagine where Parbati would be without the support of her community

Parbati comes from a very poor family. She has two older sisters and is being cared for at NHEDF by her father. At the end of last year she was herding the family goats and was caught in a landslide, hit by a tree and swept into a river. She was pulled out by villagers and had multiple fractures to both her legs. Her family was unable to afford medical treatment for her, however people from her village helped financially and she was sent to Kathmandu where she had surgery and external fixators applied. She needs nursing care for wound management of the external fixators as well as regular physiotherapy to decrease muscle wasting and after the Dashein festival she will be having bone grafts. She has been at NHEDF for so long she has become like a sister to the nurses. Good luck Parbati – we hope you will be better soon!


We welcome all kinds of support not just financial – guess what NHEDF is getting soon….


We welcome all sorts of support not just financial! A huge thank you to the Mission Sewing Group for donating hundreds of woollen beanies featured on the head of this gorgeous model! The first 10kg bag will make their way to Nepal tonight and the remainder next month. Mission Sewing Group made us heaps earlier in the year and our Trustee, Virginia, took them over with her in March. Samrat, NHEDF’s Director gave each patient one, then the remainder went to a local shop who sold them on NHEDF’s behalf and raised $250 and some also went to an ex-patient to help her start a small business. The same will happen this time – Samrat will distribute them according to need. Thank you so much Mission Sewing Group – your generosity is much appreciated and kept many heads nice and warm!

Patient stories – read Karna’s story


NHEDF has a young man called Karna who has been either in hospital or at NHEDF since the earthquake. That is now 29 months! When the earthquake happened he ran out of the building he was in, but a wall collapsed on him and he sustained a badly broken leg. He has endured thirteen surgeries now as each fixator has been removed and then replaced and we hope his surgeries are all over. We thought he would be going home soon ,but he developed an infection in the bone…. Please get well soon Karna.